The Ride

The Ride

SO, lets get into the juicy bits, where you get to watch me get saddle sore right over the UK. As I said, I’m not a cyclist or an athlete, there’s gonna be times I’m going to be tempted to pop on the stabilizers. No need to laugh, I still use the side lines that rubbish people use in bowling centres (still undefeated).

Anyway, my challenge is cycling to every single EFL club in the UK in the top 4 divisions, starting in Carlisle and ending in Cardiff. Yeah I know.

The route is roughly 2,300 miles. Which is 3,701.5 kilometres. Or 145,728,000 Inches. Roughly, cause blokes tend to exaggerate inches so im told.

Every day I’ll be putting up a blog where you can physically track where and how far I’ve cycled and you can see all the pictures I take along the way on the interactive map, so you’ll get to see the scenery along the way on a live map and all the stadiums in and around your hometown too (note to ground owners – milk no sugar when I get there, ta).

I’ll be fitting in as many grounds as I can in a day, for instance my first day will see me cycling from Blundell Park in Carlisle to Newcastle. The second day will see me Visit St James Park in Newcastle, to the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, to the Riverside in Middlesbrough before I make my way to hull ready for the next day.

I have no experience doing long distance anything, unless sipping gin and tonics on a plane counts so yeah it’s a challenge, but one that you can interact with across the days, weeks, hopefully not months etc…

A rough map of my journey is on this page.

Again, yes I know.

So all the support you can give is gonna keep me going on my trek to raise my targets.

Thank you for your time in checking this out, together we got this 😊

The Clubs

The Clubs

Interactive map
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