Day 4 – Yorkshire-Hull-Grimsby!

Day 4 – Yorkshire-Hull-Grimsby!

So after being rained out at 9pm last night on the way to Hull I set off from a place called Great Driffield. Hi if you’re from there! I decided to set off early at half 7 because Hull is 2 hours ride away and that’s where the first stadium was. The ‘driff’ as locals call it, is a market town and as today was market day you couldnt ride through so I walked my bike all the way to the starting point. After 20 minutes of walking I got on my bike and realised I’d left my helmet in the hotel. I think we are close enough to each other now for me to tell you why, this is a warts and all blog after all. I usually put it on as the last thing I do before leaving my hotel room. But the girl on reception was cute and I’d done my hair as a result.

What that did was add an hour onto my journey. So behind on time I had to cycle fast. My ground speed has increased by around 5 miles an hour over the week and I wanted to test it out so I cycled through the country lanes in a manner that would give Bradley Wiggins whiplash if I had passed him.

Hull is a very different city than anywhere I’ve been on my journey. Very urban feel. I purposely drove all way around backstreets, sidestreets and every other street in hulls existence to get to the ‘Hull Walkway’ as its known, which offers a beautiful view of The KCOM Stadium, home to Hull FC. As you get closer and closer up the walkway the stadium looks awesome. I couldn’t wait to cycle down the ramp into the car park next to this huge structure….until i found out the gate was locked. Cycling an extra 20 minutes around a huge bridge took me to the front of the stadium. Which was also locked. I can only assume they are expecting the next thing 2020 throws up will be to turn the local population into a Shawn of the dead scenario. Or they are using it as a super base to hide from covid. Or they read my blog, knew I was coming and as soon as they saw a bike appearing, just locked everything up and hid.

So onto Grimsby it was. What a beautiful ride over the Humber Bridge 😍😍😍😍

Absolutely gorgeous, Hull and Grimsby, you’ve done me proud today with scenic cycling ❤

And then onto Grimsby. Driving towards what was a fairly straightforward cycle down with not so many hills, the bolt that holds the wheel in sprung off into the woods somewhere, just leaving a loose metal bar to hold the actual wheel on. Problem.

A cyclist passed me, offered to help me look for it and I didn’t want to bother her. About 20 minutes later she drove a couple of miles back to me because she felt bad about leaving me. After offering to ride with me for the last 11 miles of my journey, I didn’t want to bother her. So she wrote down a list of numbers I could use. Then I came across 2 workmen who I asked for gaffa tape before getting a replacement part. The guy said he had a spare bolt at home. Drove home, got the bolt, gave it to me and set me on my way.

This showed me everything I needed to know. It takes absolutely nothing to be kind. Its usually free and look at the impact it had on my journey. People power is incredible. If you are feeling down, don’t be afraid to say you need help, just like I did today. It changed my day. Likewise, if you think someone could need a hand, a chat, a cup of tea whatever, thats people power ❤

Lastly, I reached Grimsby Town FC. Blundell Park is gorgeous. To me it opitomises football stadia. Its old school. Its not pompous. It reminds me of when exactly I fell in love with football. The street leading up to it is a residential street. With the floodlights shining over the houses. To me thats as gorgeous as it gets.

I just want to thank todays donators, namely Annie, John and Jenny from the stadium of light up in Sunderland. The North East was beautiful to me, to the Black Cats of Sunderland, thank you so much Jenny. You’ve made a hell of a difference.

Next up, Sunny Scunthorpe!!!!

Be lucky and thank you all for being incredible

Laz x

Today's route

Today's route

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