Day 7-Doncaster-Rotherham-Sheffield United-Sheffield Wednesday-Barnsley!

Day 7-Doncaster-Rotherham-Sheffield United-Sheffield Wednesday-Barnsley!

So today was scheduled to be a really tough day through Yorkshire and Sheffield, with a return to the hills of the North. The idea was to try smash out 4 clubs, getting to the Keepmoat Stadium in Donny, The New York Stadium in Rotherham, down to Bramall Lane and onto Hillsborough. Apparently I was told to brace myself, but you just crack on and get it done as you do.

So, onto the Keepmoat.

The stadium looks a bit like a warehouse and they apparently have erected a statue of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet from the Titanic outside, for no reason that comes to mind. Unless they¬†are paying homage to the way they’ve sunk divisions over the years.

Doncaster was one of the busier stadiums I’ve been to, probably due to the fact that they’re heavily over protective attire alluded to them using it as a covid testing centre. Either that or they were all about to go paintballing.

Swiftly on to the ride to Rotherham. I had to turn back a few times after my GPS tried taking me to Rochdale twice because she’s a dickhead. The ‘New York Stadium’ is a multi functional stadium. Businesses take up the bottom part and damn, i’ve got to say its a nice bloody stadium.

Fair play Rotherham, you’ve done yourselves smart there ūüĎŹ it was a nice ride down too and the path continued to Sheffield. This is where the hell was supposed to happen. But what a gorgeous ride down it was. Despite¬†it raining. Beautiful scenery along some sort of river. I’m getting used to this cycling. The three things I’m confident I’ve nailed so far are;

1. Taking on hills without crying inside
2. Gaining, improving and maintaining ground speed
3. Opening a twix and eating it whilst going downhill.

There’s ups and downs when cycling through cities. On one hand, you have to wait ages to cross 3,000 roads at a time and that adds on precious time. On the upside you’re never far away from a Gregg’s.

I’ve not seen a Premiership ground since Newcastle so it was nice to get to Bramall Lane, home of Sheffield United. What a huge stadium, takes ages to go round it. Even on a bike. They’ve tarted it up nicely and made¬†some big enhancements to the front of the stadium, so much so that I’m surprised they haven’t renamed it The Katie Price Stadium.

Onto the blue and white striped contingents now over the other side of the city. I’ve only ever been an away supporter and the stadium is unique. Already steeped in history, it is a gorgeous stadium, the two Sheffield¬†clubs are doing alright.

Not gonna kick off turf wars but Sheffield United have the nicer and friendlier staff between the two. Or maybe the Wednesday lot could smell Sheffield United on me after visiting there and decided to ‘bye felicia’ me.

It was supposed to be there I stopped after the 4 grounds. But Halfords did such an amazing number on my bike that I wam able to do more on it. Apparently the bang I had had stuck me in one of the harder gears to ride on. Try that up the Yorkshire dales. So with the knowledge that tomorrow’s destination, Barnsley was uphill, I just went for it.

I had time, I had more confidence in my bike and I’d just bought a twix so wanted to practice my new skills on the Yorkshire hills. And wow, for anyone from Sheffield who’s reading this, just two words. Fox Hill.

I imagine it’s the stuff of folklore in Yorkshire. Like some sort of local Bermuda Triangle. The type of thing an outsider would casually mention in a local bar before being chucked out in a rage because of all the fallen Yorkshire comrades who started walking up there in the early 20th century and have either perished or are still making their way to the top.

It’s ridiculous! So northern is the angle of this beheamouth that I’m surprised I didn’t pass Santa Clause on the way to the top. I’ve never seen anything like it. This hill, is higher than Snoop Dogg.

But I was determined to make it 5 and get to Barnsley. I rode through some mad terrain, but if there’s still something left in the tank then use it up. So I made it, 5 clubs, one day and am on track after a rest day.¬†If you’ve got it, push for it and in turn, anything you push for in life, you will get. Trust me, today was tough but I came off it on such a high, I actually loved the ride, I couldn’t be happier with how today went and we are close to ¬£2,000 which is incredible!!!!

And then, MindRUSH landed at Barnsley FC!

Like I said, if you push for it, you will achieve it. I’ve got so many people who I admire for doing it. My father started again from the bottom of a new company after letting go of his business to becoming managing director in that company, my boxing coach Marc went from not knowing what to do next to setting up and owning an incredible gym unlike no other, all from scratch. Both had the balls to start something and when they did, they kept going. The two of them are a testament to how inspiring people can be. Just because the end of the path is a bit out of reach at the moment, doesn’t mean its not there to be reached. It would have been easy for me to chill at the hotel in Sheffield. But I booked one in Barnsley instead. It gave me that extra motivation to do it, but I’m finding that I feel fitter and more positive with every milestone. This¬† feeling you can’t pay for. Always keep aiming and always have something to aim for.

Oh and avoid Fox Hill, its the worst place known to man.

Thank you for your donations and support, you amazing bunch.

We got this ūüĒ•

Laz x

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