Day 5 – Grimsby-Scunthorpe-Lincoln

Day 5 – Grimsby-Scunthorpe-Lincoln

Well this was an eye opener. Having had to set off late waiting for the shops to open, due to needing a new phone case after breaking my phone going over a speed bump/small country somewhere between Carlisle and Middlesbrough, I made my way to Glanford Park, home to Scunthorpe United.

Cycling to Scunthorpe is a tough journey. A lot of incline and a LOT of time giving way to traffic before frantically going through roundabout after roundabout onto A roads and cyclepaths and waiting at cycle crossings. To describe it in simpler terms, it was the cycling equivalent of an enema.

Talking of which, if you’ve ever ridden over 50 hours in 5 days, you’ll know all about saddle sore. I can only assume they gave out saddle sores as medieval punishments. Sitting on that saddle for days hurts. So much so that I spent an hour last night googling how much an emergency pair of Kim Kardashian bum implants would cost. Due to the fact id have to remortgage mine and other family members houses to do so I had to come up with a plan B. As a result, I decided to go to poundland and buy a bed throw and fashion it onto my seat with gaffa tape. Sorted.

By half way to Scunthorpe I felt like I’d woke up mid surgery and the anasthetic hadn’t worked. But ploughing on is the key to this and I reached the stadium about 6 hours in.

Its a nice little jobbie they got going there, its like a retail park of sorts. If you don’t like the liver and onion pies in the stadium you can pop up to Frankie and Bennys instead. The equivalent of going up to the vip lounge when you are out clubbing. Proper old school stadium and i did notice its quite small, which, looking up the capacity saw that its only 9,077. Which i found interesting considering the amenities around it. Maybe they are just keeping its roots as a proper local club. Or the entire population of Scunthorpe could all fit on a bouncy castle.

It was 4.30pm when I left. The sensible thing to do would have been to call it quits there and move on tomorrow. But again, I’m in for the challenge and am trying to push myself to do as much as I can so decided to take to the road all the way to Lincoln. An actual proper cyclist mapped it out as they would and equated it to about a month without rest I’m only 1 day behind that so want to try and keep up doing as much as I can.

The ride down to Lincoln was absolutely beautiful. Stunning. And despite my sat nav taking me 40 minutes in a wrong direction up an a road, I was cruising and enjoying the sunset.

Chasing the sunset on a bike is something else. Then it took me to a certain 8 mile cycle path route all the way to my destination.

The route runs right along the river. Lincoln locals will know. It is a beautiful route that encompasses the gorgeousness of nature with the glistening beauty of the river. Probably. Because when it sent me down there it was pitch black. It looked like it was used as a location for a low budget Netflix horror film. Here’s a tip, don’t listen to true crime podcasts an hour before cycling down here in the dark, you’ll envisage yourself ending up on their next episode.

So I Usain Bolted it down this path. Like, seriously peddled harder than I’ve ever done. I’m actually surprised I didn’t go back to the future at one point the speed I was going. One dogging site and a sailing barge later I was out into reality again. Lincoln waterfront is beautiful at night and I made it to Scincil Bank, home of Lincoln FC!!!!

12 Hours in the saddle and boom, I got there, ill take more pics of it in the morning when we crack on to the next destination, come on then mansfield, let’s see what the score is up your end!

Thank you so much again for your support. You lot have been brilliant. Like I said before, without your donations this would be just a bike ride. The difference you are all making is incredible so keep up the good work.

Much love, Laz x

Today's route

Today's route

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