Day 3 – Yorkshire Mountains

Day 3 – Yorkshire Mountains

What a day. OK where do I start. Left Middlesbrough at 8.20 to take the journey down to Hull. Ready for the next part of my journey.

Now I was told by some very confident people that if I’m doing this ride that I just HAVE to go over the Yorkshire Dales. Its part of the full riding experience apparently. And of course saying that I took it up. If I wanted to be lazy and have some gratuitous fun I’d stay at home, fill a paddling pool full of jelly and invite the spice girls round.

So I took on the infamous Yorkshire dales as 95% of riders use that route whilst travelling down, fair play, listen to the experts.

So the 9 hour journey down South to leave the North East to get to the next stadium was on. I was first approached by what I can only describe as mount vesuvius.

The weather today was windy. To say the least. I now need facial reconstructive surgery after all the g-force I encountered on the way down, but let’s talk about the way up. All 2,700 feet of it.

As it was too windy to ride up a series of 90 degree angles, myself and other bikers were forced to dismount on some hills, which is an obvious nightmare. But there were lots of beautiful scenery around and if you like animals then this run is perfect for you, I think I saw every beautiful piece of wildlife goings and the views over the dales were magnificent.

Unfortunately due to the speed restrictions much it took me 5 1/2 hours to cycle 23 miles. Yeah. I know. I managed to pick up the pace and by 4pm I had 47 miles to cycle to my destination.

Its easy to call it a day then until tomorrow, I get it, some of you have told me. But the point is, if I do it and justify that now, then when does it stop? I might as well do it for the rest of my journey when times get hard. Its important to keep going when faced with a challenge, whatever the situation. I’m not in this to take the easy route out.

I trundled on, looked at my journey and managed to do a power hour until I got to the middle of nowhere. Then it started raining. I mean deep, proper rain, like cycling through a swimming pool. Then came another 1,200 feet of hills. All the way up.

That’s 4,200 feet worth of hills. To put it into perspective that’s 627 Peter Crouches. Or exactly 1,500 mini me’s.

Tough going but the point of this whole challenge is about not giving up, that’s the message we want to deliver to those struggling at the moment, whoever you are.

I had a beautiful and peaceful ride down south after. Its all about pushing yourself to be the best version of you, I actually loved taking on today, it was tough but pushing yourself is incredibly satisfying. However with 5 hours of rain and the time getting on it was pitch black, I and some of my equipment were soaked, the b roads were absolutely flooded and cars were speeding past me in the countryside. My phone got rained out and died so got a hotel for the night in the first village I came across.

The messages where people tell you that the website has helped them and donations coming in when you are struggling up a hill make it all worth while. So thank you 🥰

So 13 hours on the saddle later and 70 miles later I’m sitting in a bath robe after a long boiling hot bath. Lush.

Onto tomorrow, straight back to it, now the countryside is out of the way we got some stadiums to conquer!!

Stay safe everyone

Laz x

Today's route

Today's route

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