Day 20 – Nottingham-Peterborough!

Day 20 – Nottingham-Peterborough!

Leaving behind Nottingham and in particular, Hooters Bar, I made the treck over to see where Sir Alex Fergusons son Darren plies his trade as manager of ‘The Posh’ Peterborough United.

And what a welcome i got through the wilderness that connects Notts with Peterborough. In the form of torrential rain. So much so that people were probably drier sailing on the titanic. As exposed as i was to the natural elements on show, due to the fact I’m obviously wearing shorts, it cast my mind back to a place I visited in week 1.

My backup phone got rained out so I couldn’t take pictures so the video will just be a 97 kilometer meander through the rain where I battle and plead with my gps system to stop making me do 360⁰ turns fir no other reason than I think it entertains her. If you see me on the video double backing on myself, it’s not me, its her just having a laugh because she’s bored. A lot of people ask me how I keep myself occupied on a 100km ride day to day and the answer is, battling with my gps, or ‘knobhead’ as I’ve christened her. She likes to ensure my days are fun filled and packed full of surprises. She’s always playing tricks on me, purposely sending me through terrain that wouldn’t be out of place in the film jumanji, or hilariously sending me to Rochdale when I’m on my way to Rotherham. I got sick of her once and opened up Google maps instead. It was exactly like real life. They shouted over each other until I closed google maps and my gps pouted and kept telling me late whenever I was supposed to turn off. DO NOT ever bring another woman into your relationship. Even with GPS systems, it will all end in tears.

So onto the Western Homes Stadium, where Peterborough United do their thing in league 1.

As I relayed earlier, not lucky enough to get Sir Alex, they got his son Darren. Even though he’s a manager in his own right and has had 3 relatively successful spells with Peterborough, id still have zoom set up in the changing room and be calling the old man at half time to give the team talks.

The first thing I saw, was a statue to the clubs former player and coach Chris Turner.

Chris sadly died in 2015 of frontal lobe dementia aged just 64. 37 goals in 314 appearances ain’t a bad haul for a defender playing in the 60s and 70s. The club legend was even in a temporary coaching role here as recently as 2006.

A great statue, to a great, real footballing man.

Talking of former Peterborough players, one has his own suite here.

If his performance against Brazil was anything to go by, you’ll be safe in here and won’t need to social distance because there’s no chance of catching anything.

I love Peterboroughs ground. Because if you didn’t know their nickname was ‘The Posh’ you’d wonder what the merry hell was going on.

Down to earth, thats how I would describe them. In fact, they are a club that don’t even look for grandeur when it comes to their own footballing elite.

The pitch, looks ready for the new season Posh fans.A stadium where you can tell the fans are on top of the players, which I like. The club has had some famous highs, getting promoted in 1991 on the last day of the season, beating Liverpool in the league cup the season after against the likes of Grobelaar, Mcmanaman and Dean Saunders after they’d already disposed of Newcastle and Wimbledon and in 1992 they played at Wembley for the first time. Going back a step, these are the very reasons why Chris Turner is immortalised outside the ground.So where are we? The North?Completed it mate.

1,955 kilometres done, which is 1,215 miles so far so I’m just over half way through and £4,208 raised, which is truly incredible from you lot, I genuinely can’t thank you all enough, absolutely humbled to know you all.

Keep going.

We CAN kick the stigma that is mental health.

Laz x

Spread the love, we got this!

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