Day 2 – The North East

Day 2 – The North East

Well that was a day of highs and lows. Firstly, the staff at newcastle football club were second to none, thank you for your hospitality. Wonderful city and the football club were spot on with the sanitising and procedures before showing me around. Kudos.

The ride from Newcastle to Sunderland is beautiful. By that I mean its pretty flat 👍

I got to the Stadium of light. Football stadiums are eerie when its quiet all around it and this was no exception. Huge stadium though. All in all it was going successful. Then the rest happened. This is where it gets funky….

About an hour into a ride that was full of beautiful scenery and lots of downhill action, where I thought I was in alton towers, I quickly got off the nemesis and went straight onto the ghost train.

These cyclepaths should be renamed psychopaths.

Bricks, glass, huge stones the lot. I got my first puncture in the first 5 minutes, because kids think its funny to smash bottles all over the path. Not as funny as breaking it over their heads for doing it I assume is a cyclists mantra. 3 punctures in 45 minutes, added an hour to my journey. Realising I had one left I decided to tread carefully. Then pop. In the middle of nowhere I googled a cycle shop. It was 7 miles away. I had to wheel my bike 7 miles out of my way before a northern guy looked at me like I was unable to look after myself. After checking my tire, giving me a professional service and 10 inner tubes because this is for charity, he sent me on my way. Exactly 8 minutes back into action, bang. The tire popped. I might as well have had Edward bloody Scissorhands fit my inner tube. 2 minutes in my sat nav fell off the handlebars from the £75 phone mount I bought smashing my phone screen to pieces. And then my headphones died. Then I ran out of polo mints.

It was 8 hours in by then and I was still 27 miles from Middlesbrough. There’s no way I was going to retire for the day without doing the whole North East 3 clubs in one day. So I said ‘not today Satan’, changed the tire and made the 27 miles to the Riverside stadium. Which by the way is beautiful 😍 Made it!

10 1/2 hours on the road, the setbacks cost me 3 hours of walking but i made it and are on track!

Thank you for all the messages you all send me during this, you are all incredible.

Pass the word around you beautiful bunch, you know the score

Love you long time. But not as much as I love a travelogue bath ❤

Laz x

Today's route

Today's route

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