Day 1 – Carlisle to Newcastle

Day 1 – Carlisle to Newcastle

So, with all the wonderful stuff you’ve been saying to me today, let’s fight that pleasure, with pain!!!!

Im not going to give you the boring details of how lovely the cows were or how my buds decided to die on me when i got to 20 miles of cycle path, i’ll just give you the juicy bits. It saves time.

So i set off in an idyllic part of the world, Cumbria. Carlisle to be in fact at 8 this morning, beautiful part of the world cumbria. By that, i mean the majority of the journey was flat. Which always appeals to me, not since i can remember, but since about 2pm today.

Riding through what was basically beautiful country lanes with the wind whipping through my helmet is a great stress release. Then you hit Northumberland… Now its a gorgeous place with many idyllic features. The dog and duck, the Newbridge Arms, the Fox and Hound. Beautiful. Then that road stopped. Then i was faced with 2 mountains. No one told me about any mountains. I had only conquered mountain 2 as i dripped towards pensioners who had passed me on their bike saying things like ‘keep your chin up kid, you got this’ and the equally favourable ‘oh christ are you ok’. And i did it, i nailed it.

It was then the relief disappeared as i realised I’d ran out of ribena. As i frantically reached around my bag looking for some sort of hydration, a lovely woman passed me and said ‘orr norr youz not going to do the hill of sadness with a backpack on are you?’ She then pointed to what i can only describe as the side of a volcano. I spent the rest of the journey wondering if Newcastle was in fact situated at the top of a massive hill. Then it went flat. I had just 3 hours till i got there.

Not that I’ve done it, but i can honestly say its a much easier bloody journey from Newcastle to Carlisle. pushed hard those last 30 miles, harder than I’ve ever done in my life. 70 miles in 9 1/2 hours when its projected at 8 hours 20.

A few brief stops and two punctures i’ll take that. So I’m here. Treated to a newcy brown by the local hospitality so I’m unwinding.

Thank you so much guys for your support. Means the world. We will get to that finish line. Oh and before anyone says something, those squiggly lines on the map wasn’t me getting lost at all. I was just trying to write my name obviously. Now bugger off and let me drink my beer in peace.

All the love, Laz X

Today's route

Today's route

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