Day 22 – Luton-Stevenage-Cambridge

Day 22 – Luton-Stevenage-Cambridge


So I left Luton and the championship and skipped over to League 2. Stevenage and the Lamex Stadium to be exact, who are managed by former Cardiff City player Alex Revell. I had to think twice at that. When players you watched become managers, you know you are getting old. When did this start happening? It got worse then when I realised that he’s younger than me.

When I hit 30, people told me “it’s all downhill from here”. After cycling through Yorkshire I can tell you for a fact that those people are talking b*******

Broadhall Way, or The Lamex Stadium as its known due to sponsorship, is actually quite smart for a little ‘un.

Holding 7,800 people, the identify as ‘the Boro’ due to their name ‘Stevenage Borough’. So do Middlesbrough. I’ve seen some clubs scrap over pointless things before but I can’t imagine too much beef between the two entities over that. Hooliganism is a disgusting part of the beautiful game. I’ve seen some terrible things at the football believe you me. I once saw Kevin McNaughton playing for Cardiff against Chasetown in the cup. He scored an own goal and as he lay face down on the pitch in embarrassment, someone threw a hot dog at him and it bounced off his head. It was on match of the day too.

Stevenage have a ‘Boro’ brick wall holding up one side of the stadium, which is quite worrying as underneath it says ‘under construction’. Good luck sitting in that stand.

It looks like fans can buy bricks from the club shop though, which is a novel way of them getting to pay for bits of your stadium.

If you’ve been anywhere recently youll see the qr codes you have to scan, you can use it here to buy tickets. Stevenage are well ahead of the game.

Nice little stadium, it has the grit of the old turnstiles with some proper posh bits round the front. Top work.

The ride from Stevenage to Cambridge was supposed to take 5 hours. Let me give you a little insight into life on the road up these parts this week. Theres been gale warnings up these parts all week. Those warnings were justified. Big time. My diet on the road is predominantly protein. Even the amount of eggs I eat in one day creates less wind. I was like a paper aeroplane in a sodding sandstorm on a light road bike. Talking of which, the terrain was horrendous for my type of bike. It caused me endless punctures if i even went over 5mph. Even people on mountain bikes would have started crying. Rocks, mud fields, farmland, cow, horse, dog, human and full of bull sh….yeah you get me. The only way to successfully get over this terrain is in a tank or via therapy.

At least, being a bunch of intelligent buggers, they like to keep the way to their town modest. With the smallest entry sign ive ever seen to anywhere. Unless, again, they knew i was coming and they wanted to keep Cambridge quiet on the sly.

But I did in fact make it to Cambridge United, another league 2 team managed by a former player. Former international in fact, Scotland, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa defender Colin Calderwood.

The Abbey Stadium is not like any football stadium I’ve ever experienced. Its legitimately right next to a field. Just a field.

They also have a hand car wash service right outside the abbey lounge.

And the coolest, tiniest club shop ive ever damn scene

Oh and also, the most polite ‘bugger off away fans’ sign in footballing history.

Unless its a ploy and thats where the home fans are waiting ready to give you a kicking.Unassuming as hell but damn Cambridge, I did notice through your metal bars you support and advertise one of the charities I’m raising money for. So absolute top work Cambridge. That, is incredible.

You lot are awesome by the way. Around 80 kilometres done due to the terrain and weather but I ain’t cutting any corners. Just like you lot aren’t with your donations and shouting out what this is for.

Mental health.

Its easy to feel the strain in these times.

But trust me, there’s people here for you.

One big kick arse group we are. You lot have proved that.

So thank you.

Laz x

Spread the love, we got this!

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