Day 15 – Stoke-Crewe Alexandra-Shrewsbury!

Day 15 – Stoke-Crewe Alexandra-Shrewsbury!

I got a question for you, What have me, Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo got in common?

A) Unlike most of the premier league forwards, we were all able to handle a rainy Wednesday night in Stoke.

Nice stadium the bet 365.

They have a homage in the shape of a statue to one of the greatest football players who ever graced both British AND World football, Sir Stanley Matthews CBE.
Try finding a bad word said about him by any football fan. Even Port Vale ones, as interestingly, he managed them for 1 year from 1967-68 How many other football figures can you say are revered so intensely? Sir Bobby Robson. Not many more.
Sir Stanley was born in Hanley in Stoke. 54 caps for England, 717 caps in league football and if you remember my trip to blackpool, an absolute hero there too having made 379 caps for the seasiders. Get this, he is the only football player who has been knighted WHILST playing football. He is also the first player to win both the European footballer of the year award AND the Football Writers Association Footballer of the year award. In the days before televised games were at their pomp and football prowess must have been World class to make the talk of the stands as opposed to just youtubing a star, thats an even bigger achievement of accolades. Matthews’ nicknames included “The Wizard of the Dribble” and “The Magician”. Incredible. The dogs testes.

This guy, is the real deal when it comes to football nostalgia.I didn’t get to go inside the Bet365 but heres a general layout of the stadium.

Just in case you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, yes, that yellow sign below the ground map does say that.

Touting for business on street corners has changed since I was a nipper.

I made my way from the delights of Stoke onto Great Road, home of league ones Crewe Alexandra. A club steeped in history when it comes to former players. His this for a list, David Platt, Bruce Grobelaar, Danny Murphy, Dean Ashton, Neil Lennon, Robbie Savage and the legendary Fred Keenor, who has a statue outside the Cardiff City Stadium for captaining Cardiff to their 1927 FA Cup victory, discovering penicillin, stopping the great fire of London, inventing the wheel and defeating the argonauts. True legend.

I knew I was going to love this club straight away.

The girls on reception were incredible. They took me out pitchside and let me take pics with the opening line of “bet you didn’t get this welcome at bloody man utd. Its OK, you’re at a real club now”.

Beautiful pitch been laid for the new season, its stunning. Another proper old school stadium where the fans are right up close to the pitch. They also have the GREATEST stand sponsor in the entirety of the football league. Man U have the sir Alex Ferguson stand, Liverpool have the Kop, Ipswich have the Sir Bobby Robson Stand, Crewe Alexandra?

As the steward told me-and get this, 95% of the UK ice cream vans are made in Crewe. Dont say i don’t teach you anything. In this blog, every day’s a learning day. I had some incredible pics taken there by said steward. Except when I looked at them later, all I got was 18 close up pics of his confused face.Then I moved on to sunny Shrewsbury. To say the ride down was hell would be an understatement. Nearly 40 miles of hills. You know how i feel about hills. The idea was to travel from there to Wolverhampton the next day so the Montgomery Waters Meadow Stadium is where I headed.Now, I’m not judging. I’ve loved the different quirks from all the counties I’ve visited. Although I’m trying to work out the Cheshire/Shropshire divide. Because, somewhere between the two, this is the garden furniture that I saw.

If you own this and the Boris Johnson scarecrow riding a bike, if this is your house, your garden, then fair play. Last night must have been incredible, gutted I missed the party. Im assuming when you recover from your hangover, when you look into your garden you’re going to be just as confused as I was.

So onto Shrewsbury before conquering Birmingham. The pics will follow in tomorrow’s blog, for now, keep spreading the word of why I’m doing this. You at ground level are just as important as me when it comes to helping erase the stigma with mental health. It starts with all of us.

Together we got this

Laz x

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