The Ride So Far

The Ride So Far


So, Brighton and Hove Albion. Fort Knox, Area 52 if you like. In Southampton now, you can go for a pint and watch the football in a titty bar, but in Brighton, you can’t go withing 1,000 feet of the stadium. Its all blocked off massively. Like seriously. Approaching it i expected to see a […]


What to say about this ride. Now, this was one of those rides that stick in the memory for a long time. Strap yourself in, this is gonna be painful. All 140 kilometres of it. After leaving reading I made my way to Crawley. Aptly named because it felt like a bloody crawl. It was […]


From the delights of Wycombe to the stereotypically brainy region of Oxford. They are brainy up this part too, I’ll absolutely vouch for them, because they were that forward thinking that they have put a cycling infrastructure in that was heaven. Because heres a few pics of the last couple of days and what I’ve […]

Day 28 – London-Watford-Wycombe!

After a crazy couple of days in London, it was time to leave the centre of the big smoke and say goodbye to the yellow brick road and swap it for Vicarage Road, Watford Football Club. The journey there was great if youre a masochist¬†and enjoy pain. By that I mean most of it was […]

Day 27 – London Part 2!

  So, halfway through London and still a huge way to go before I conquer the capital. What a weekend I’ve had. I have A LOT of people to thank, including the clubs who have been absolutely brilliant to me. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we got some completely different football experiences to […]

Day 26 – London part 1!!!!

Before we start, to the Championship footballer who made an incredible donation, thank you so much. I hope you get promoted and get to play in the premier league. You deserve it for helping these charities. You legend. Even if you play for Swansea. So, we are in London, buckle up because we’ve got a […]

Day 25 – Chelmsford-Southend-Gillingham!

So it was time to just into Southend-On-Sea, which funnily enough is home to Southend United. No explanations necessary so let’s just get straight into the juicy bits. League 2’s Southend play at Roots Hall Stadium, but not if they have anything to do with it for much longer. You see they are planning on […]

Day 24 – Ipswich-Colchester-Chelmsford

Fresh off the back of a very very hard 200 kilometres I moved on from Portman Road to The Community Stadium, home of League Two Colchester United. Fresh off the back after a narrow loss last night against Premier League West Ham United in the league cup, the Essex Boys managed by John McGreal can […]

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