A solo bike ride for
Mental Health Research
spanning nearly

4,000 Km’s

across every football ground
in the top 4 divisions!

Welcome to the home of MindRUSH!

A one-man cycle between every single EFL Club in the top 4 tiers of English football. The aim is to raise money and awareness for two very important charities committed to assisting those with mental health problems and helping those who are feeling suicidal.

I will be filming the journey and every single day you can log in to track my progress, how many miles I’ve travelled, videos and pictures from my ride through your town or city and every single club visited. Oh and how much pain I’m in (for my exes amusement I’m sure).

Lastly, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by mental health problems, that’s the severity and magnitude of the situation. Whether its feeling depressed yourself or knowing someone battling the illness. Because it is an illness. With this, the aim is to help spread our all-important message across the UK that ‘it’s OK to admit you are not OK’.

If you do need help, click the ‘I’m not OK’ button. Even if you want to stay anonymous, It’s your gateway to a helping hand, I promise.

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Latest update

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